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CanAm-Tasman in Trollhättan, March 18th 1973

Concourse: First, second and third in both classes.
Tasman semi final.
Anders Fälthammar's Tasman car.
Anders' CanAm car.
Tasman winner Peter Wänseth.
CanAm winner Jan Forsgren.
CanAm semi final: Morgan Carlsson, Ulf Svensson, Janne Ekman and Stefan Mattsson.
CanAm final: Morgan Carlsson, Jan Forsgren, Janne Ekman and Anders Myrberg.
CanAm semi cars: Janne E, Ulf S, Morgan C and Stefan M.
CanAm final cars: Anders M, Janne E, Jan F and Morgan C.

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