Raoul Rågvall was one of the best, if not the very best, drivers in Sweden during the 60's. He was also one of the best chassis-builders at the time. Raoul originates from Halmstad on the Westcoast and raced for SSRT, South Swedish Racing Team. In 1968 he won all 6 classes he entered in the Swedish Championship.
After he quit his career in the early 70's, he went on to become a top competitor with RC model aircrafts.

Raoul has been very kind to donate some of his material to Slotracing.se.
Thank You!

Raoul in 1969
Raoul at the GO-69 25 year
anniversary in 1994

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1/24 Ford Talladega. This is the car Raoul built and raced in the 1970 Swedish Championship in Önneköp. This was one of his last races. Own split-steel chassis with Associated C-can motor.
1/32 Honda F1. Raoul's winner in the 1968 District Championship.
Notice working front wheel suspension.
1/32 Lotus 56 F1. With this car Raoul managed to win F1 1/32 in all 3 rounds of the Swedish Championship 1968.
Some of Raoul's motors:

Mura 1000
This was the first U.S. produced motor in 16D size, named the "A"-can motor.
Cobra Low Boy "B"-can
Can modification and buzz-bars by Raoul.
Some of Raoul's bodies:

1/24 Dynamic Harvey Aluminum Special
1/24 Dynamic McLaren M8
Painted by Kjell Samuelsson.
Kjell was first in Sweden to offer his own spray-painted bodies on the market.
Could this be the only brand new survivor?

1/24 Lancer Chaparall 2H
One of the oddest CanAm cars ever.
1/32 LEHE Oldsmobile Tornado
Leif Henrysson from Falkenberg was the first Swedish commercial producer of vacuum formed bodies. Unfortunately the plastic material wasn't the best, so those bodies are extremely rare.

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