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since July 2014

Chassis of the month: December December 9, 2013
1974 "Independent Iso" by Kenneth Ingelsson.

Results December 1, 2013
Results from the Gothenburg 1000 in Partille, Sweden.

Chassis of the month: November November 6, 2013
1970  #473 "Steel-sheet" by Tony P.

ISRA ranking October 19, 2013
The ISRA 2014 ranking is now official.

Invitation October 15, 2013
Invitation to Gothenburg 1000 in Partille, Sweden, November 30th - December 1st.

Total results from the ISRA Worlds October 12, 2013
Results from all the classes including ES 24 in Kiev.

Results ISRA Worlds Formula 1 1/32 October 10, 2013
Total results from the F1-race in Kiev.

Results ISRA Worlds Eurosport 1/32 October 9, 2013
Total results from the Eurosport 32-race in Kiev.

ISRA Worlds Team Race: Official Results October 7, 2013
Eight teams disqualified. Results are now updated.

Team Race Results not yet confirmed October 7, 2013
There have been some protests. We will let you know when the results are official.

Results ISRA Worlds Production Team Race October 6, 2013
We now have a Swedish World Champion again!
And for the first time, a Russian World Champion!
Michael Landrud and Nikolay Dolzhanskiy won the Production Team Race in Kiev.

ISRA Worlds 2014 October 6, 2013
Correction: The ISRA Worlds in 2014 will be in Limbazi, Latvia - not in Riga.

Chassis of the month: October October 1, 2013
1971 "2½ rail" by Bjarne Lilliendahl.

ISRA Worlds October 1, 2013
You can follow the ISRA Worlds in Kiev, Ukraine on this link:
Highlights timetable (updated - preliminary)
Saturday 518:00Production Team RaceQualification
Sunday 615:42Production Team RaceFinal A
Monday 715:20EuroSport -32Qualification
Tuesday 816:20EuroSport -32Main Final
Wednesday 914:46Formula 1-32Qualification
Thursday 1014:50Formula 1-32Main Final
Friday 1109:47EuroSport 1-24Qualification
Saturday 1212:30EuroSport 1-24Main Final

ISRA Tracks September 9, 2013
Photos of the ISRA 2013 Track in Kiev and the ISRA 2014 Track in Riga have been added.

ISRA Worlds 2014 September 9, 2013
The website for ISRA Worlds in Riga, Latvia, October 4-11 2014 is now published.

Chassis of the month: September September 1, 2013
1973 "ERC Independent Iso" by Jan Forsgren.

Problem solved August 15, 2013
We just found out that some computers did not show the photos of all the tracks that we have on the site.
This problem is now solved, so we hope that you all can see all the tracks under the link Tracks.

It was the same problem with the Year by year-results.
This should also be OK now.

Please let us know if you still have problems.

Results European Championships August 5, 2013
Now we have all the results of the European Championships 1994-2013.
Many thanks to Vlado Okali and Kamil Klapka for providing the missing results.
But the results from 2001 and 2013 are not complete.
We are still missing the results from the quarters and semis in G7 of the EC 2001.
And we are still missing the results from quarterfinal C in G27 of the EC 2013.

New slotracing magazine August 4, 2013
Now there is a new online slotracing magazine:
Global Slot Racing News

Chassis of the month: August August 1, 2013
1974 "Tripod Iso" by Jukka Vatanen.

Results World Championships July 10, 2013
Now all the World Championship results from 2001-2013 are complete.
Many thanks to Vlado Okali for providing the missing results.

Welcome July 2, 2013
We wish you all welcome to our new slotracing site.

It all started when we realised that so many results from races in the past are gone. Especially nowadays, when you start a web site for an event, and a year later when the web site expires, all the results just disappear.
So we started to try and gather as many results as possible from old races.

And when we got the chance to get the domain (many thanks to Mikael Sjögren), we decided to make it not only a results site, but also a site about the history of Swedish slotracing, a presentation of Swedish tracks of today and from the past, a presentation of Swedish slotracing personalities and innovators that have meant a lot to the sport.

Lots of photos of old slotracing stuff like chassis and motors will soon be added.
And every month we will present the Chassis of the month.

When we post someting new on the site, we will let you know on Facebook.
So - to stay updated - join us!


Mia & Janne