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Berndt-Inge Petersson, a Gothenburg racer from the early 70s, has been kind enough to scan some of his magazines covering iconic events.

Model Racing Journal 1#21 1970 "Car Model" race at Nutley.
Model Racing Journal 1#23 1970 N.C.C. Nats at Speed & Sport
Model Racing Journal 1#24 1970 Interview with Jerry Brady
Model Racing Journal 2#1 1970 Interview with Mike Steube
Model Racing Journal 2#2 1970 N.C.C. Nats at Holiday Raceway
Miniature Auto Racing 3#9 1973 Interview with Bill Steube
Miniature Auto Racing 3#10 1973 PDL wins Western States Championship
Miniature Auto Racing 1973 Joel wins MAR Nats at Parma Int. Raceway
Car Model 1972-73 Lee Gilbert builds a Pro Racing Car

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